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Dinh Cau Cape overlooking the sea

Dinh Cau Cape is one of the famous attractions in Phu Quoc. It is a symbol of culture and religion in Phu Quoc Island. Dinh Cau Cape is also a place of praying for luck, peace, and happiness. Fishermen often come here to wish a safe voyage.

Phu Quoc currently has 15 fascinating tourist attractions. Among those, Dinh Cau Cape is seen as one of the must-visit places in Phu Quoc. Dinh Cau Cape lies on an islet in Duong Dong River's estuary. This islet becomes a wall sheltering for a busy area in Phu Quoc, Duong Dong Port. There is a shrine in this islet with a unique and ancient architecture. Here is also a convergence of culture and beliefs of local people as well as visitors from afar to come, with a desire for good weather and peace. Once visiting Phu Quoc, visitors cannot miss popping in Dinh Cau Cape. It is considered a beauty spot, a symbol of this pearl island. 

Boat serves squid fishing Phu Quoc Dinh Cau Cape overlooking the sea

Dinh Cau Cape might be seen as a castle, but it is more commonly regarded as a combination of temple and lighthouse. Dinh Cau Cape was built in order to honor Thien Hau, the Goddess of the sea. The local people believe that the Goddess will protect sailors and fishermen in their voyages. By dint of visiting this “castle”, you will have an overview about the harbor entrance. Dinh Cau Cape is currently located in Neighborhood 2, in Duong Dong Town of Phu Quoc District. This is a famous tourist attraction in Phu Quoc, appealing many visitors. The “castle” is about 200 meters from Duong Dong Town to the west. No one knew when Dinh Cau Cape appeared. In some documents, the cape existed from the 17th century. Meanwhile, the current cape was built on July 14, 1937, and was restored after 60 years (on July 14, 1997). Being given a mysterious beauty by the Creature, Dinh Cau Cape possesses rustic and very impressive features. This Phu Quoc attraction becomes an interesting place for visitors from everywhere, especially for those who want to have experienced in nature and islands here.

Boat serves squid fishing Phu Quoc Dinh Cau Cape overlooking the sea

The road to Dinh Cau Cape includes 29 stone steps. Standing at Dinh Cau Temple, visitors can hear the sea breeze blowing, and admire the immense panoramic view of Duong Dong Market. In the temple, there are shrines worshipping The Goddess, and her companions. They are gods to protect local fishermen. Before each voyage or on holidays, local people come here to burn incense and pray for a peaceful voyage. Every year, on the 15th, 16th days of the 10th lunar month, people celebrate big, very crowded. Dinh Cau Cape is a cultural symbol and belief of Phu Quoc Island, as well as a place to pray for luck and peace for life of local fishermen.

Boat serves squid fishing Phu Quoc Dinh Cau Cape overlooking the sea

Dinh Cau Cape always insists its particular attraction through the wonderful natural scenery of no high but dangerous, not big but grandeur mountains. Each tree growing from cliffs or stones are stacked eerily but harmonically on each other, like the ingenious arrangement of artisan's hands. Coming to this special temple, visitors can contemplate a spacious view of the sea. The scenery here is untouched, mysterious, spacious and quiet. All provide visitors with great emotions. Do not forget to enjoy sunset here, a beautiful golden painting will appear in front of your eyes. 

Here is not only a beautiful landscape with an interesting shape but also a holy sacred and ancient ground. The romantic steps take you up to the top to feel the gentle sea breeze, watch the beautiful sunset and enjoy the peaceful scene of Duong Dong River. In spite of located on a cliff and facing strong waves and winds, the special castle always looks so "brave" with somehow magical and shimmering features.

Boat serves squid fishing Phu Quoc Dinh Cau Cape overlooking the sea

Apart from visiting Dinh Cau Cape, you also have a chance to pop in Duong Dong Beach, aka Dinh Cau Beach. The beach is famous for golden smooth sand, turquoise water, and azure sky. Dinh Cau Cape is currently a famous tourist attraction with hundreds of visitors annually. Besides, if you want to vary your tours in Phu Quoc after visiting Dinh Cau Cape, you should drop by Tranh Spring to immerse into the cool and fresh atmosphere, creating a sense of relaxation and comfort. Otherwise, you can visit traditional handicraft villages such as villages of making Phu Quoc fish sauce, pepper, and pearls. In addition, traveling to Ham Ninh Fishing Village is one of the top things to do in Phu Quoc. Coming to this village, visitors will understand more about the life of fishermen through all of their daily activities. Alternatively, enjoying fresh seafood and shopping in Duong Dong Market are indispensable things to do.